Game of Thrones Finale Artwork by Various Artists (Spoilers Are Coming!)


I didn’t want to post too soon after the finale of the epic HBO series Game of Thrones, that’s why I’m late again!  Right… 😉  But after that very divisive ending, I thought I’d share some awesome GoT artwork to celebrate the end of the era (or a city, as it were…).  As I cautioned above — SPOILERS are coming!  Up first is the beautiful Queen of Ashes by French professional artist Anato Finnstark.

You can support Anato’s work for amazing monthly rewards on Patreon, purchase her art on RedBubble (I’m totally getting the sticker of this!), follow her on Instagram, check out her gallery, and if you want to get choked up one more time, check out another piece by this artist called The Heart Stays in the North, featuring the ultimate good boi Ghost!

Even though I don’t usually post brand-new artwork by the artists I’m featuring, since we’re talking about a TV episode that just aired, most of these are going to be very recent.  This next piece is called GoT – Dragon Drogon by Ukranian deviantartist IrenBee, showing the dragon in stunning detail over the ruined King’s Landing.  You can check out more of IrenBee’s work from when I featured her in an early Game of Thrones post from May 2016, check out her gallery, and follow her on Facebook.


I have always had mixed feelings about the GoT dragons…  They were so cute when they were little, and now that they’re big I really like their heads and neck fringes, but I don’t like their wyvern bodies, with their barrel chests, awkward wing-arms, and chicken legs!  But that’s just me — let me know in the comments what you think about their design!

This next amazing artwork called Dragon Eyeland was created back in 2015 by U.K. deviantartist Kirsty Childs, posting as KikiMJ.  I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve featured this kind of makeup artwork, but now that I’ve found this fantastic world, it won’t be the last!  Kirsty writes, “While creating this weird creation I was vividly imaging which dragon is actually occupying that dark silhouette… Alduin? Drogon? Eragon? Smaug? You decide!”  (Of course it’s Drogon for this post. 😉 )  Check out her stunning gallery, follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and visit her crystal shop on Etsy!


Then we have the very simply titled Game of Thrones Fan Art by U.K. professional artist Alyn Spiller“Painted in anticipation for the new season,” Alyn wrote when this was posted back in April — I’d say he got the ending right, wouldn’t you?  I never wanted Dany to go mad and become the villain, but I guess it was always a possibility… sigh.  You can see more epic scenes and landscapes in his gallery and at his official website, purchase prints in his online shop, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more.


And finally, the last image for this post, but certainly not the last time I’ll feature Game of Thrones artwork, I’m sure, here is A Song of Fire and Ice by Spanish deviantartist Susante.  As was mentioned in the comments, this would have been a fantastic visual to have seen in the final season, but sadly, we were left with a muddled, rushed final few episodes to wrap up a ten-year long saga.  Sigh again.  Anyway, you can find more beautiful artwork in Susante’s gallery and support her work on RedBubble.


At least we still have The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, the final two books in the series, to look forward to — if author George R.R. Martin ever finishes his books!  (Although, I’m really one to talk, lol!)  And there are already prequel books out and a new series in the works from HBO, so the world the GRRM created won’t be leaving our collective consciousness for a long time to come, I’m sure.

I had a wonderful early birthday party over the long Memorial Day weekend, and I think my present to myself this year will be to not stress about catching up and getting my last post of the month out — and instead to stress about packing for our big Florida vacation coming up in just a few days!  I’m so excited to get down to Tampa – St. Pete and scope out our future home!

So expect some beach-bound dragons next week (hopefully written right from the beach!), and until then, thank you as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
+ Queen of Ashes by Anato Finnstark.
+ Game of Thrones – Dragon Drogon by IrenBee
+ Dragon Eyeland by Kirsty Childs, posting as KikiMJ
+ Game of Thrones Fan Art by Alyn Spiller
+ A Song of Fire and Ice by Susante

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