Beach Dragons by Various Artists


We had a lovely vacation, but I didn’t have any time to write on the beach, I was too busy sipping Rum Runners and splashing in the waves!  🙂  But I promised you beach dragons, and I am going to deliver, so let’s start with a new piece from one of my all-time favorites — this is On the Beach by Singaporean professional artist Sandara.  She simply calls this a “seaweed dragon,” isn’t it beautiful?  Check out more of her work at her Facebook page, her deviantart gallery, and her Society6 shop!

Up next we have Beach by German deviantartist TaimaTala.  Back in 2012, she complained that she wasn’t proficient in background painting yet, but I love this beach scene, and this little green dragon looks right at home here.  Check out her gallery and her Patreon for more artwork, and also check out her cute little pets here.


Then here is an idyllic scene making me wish I were back on vacation!  This is Beach Day by U.K. deviantartist aceAlari.  You can see their dragons “Yue (the purple fluffy dragon in the bottom right), Sekki (the orange dragon in the water), Ace (the blue capricorn dragon in the back, and Euri (the lonely purple dragon on the rock).”  Alari talks about working on a comic portraying the adventures of these characters, so perhaps we’ll see some of that soon, but for now check out their gallery for more lovely dragons and artwork.


Here’s a pretty sunset picture on the beach, reminding me of the sunset swims we had last week…. *sigh*  This is Beach Woes by U.K. deviantartist tory-the-fuzzball, a dragon from her Flight Rising account.  She writes, “he’s called Kainoa and he’s a beach hippie. He protects the ocean and the things that are in it and live from it, he loves collecting seashells and making necklaces, long walks on the beach and watching the sunset.”  That’s lovely!  Check out more in her gallery.


And finally, I started with a frequent guest artist and I’ll end with another of my favorites, here is Dragon Tourist by Russian professional artist Alvia Alcedo.  She writes, “When you want to swim like other tourists, but it’s not deep enough, because you’re a big dragon 😉  I’m on vacation now, far away from my snowy land.  Hope to find some inspiration for my next drawings here!”  I love these dd drawings, and you can see even more cool examples in her deviantart gallery.  She is also on FacebookInstagramTwitterPintrest, and Tumblr, and check out her Etsy Shop as well!


Okay, so that was beaches, and next I’ll be posting June’s birthstones, and then of course I have to post as many new PRIDE dragons as I can possibly stuff into the last two weeks of this month, so I’m going to be busy!

I’ll be setting up a page link to all of my Pride Dragons features from over the years very soon, so be sure to check that out to tide you over until I get my 2019 Pride posts up!  And for now, HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE!

Stay tuned for more dragons, and as always, thank you for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
+ On the Beach by Sandara

+ Beach by TaimaTala 
+ Beach Day by aceAlari 
+ Beach Woes by tory-the-fuzzball 
+ Dragon Tourist by Alvia Alcedo 

2 thoughts on “Beach Dragons by Various Artists

  1. I’m not usually crazy about dragons but as usual, your examples are indeed beautiful. Love these beach scenes. I’m seeing great color and happy moods. Thank you and your guests for sharing.

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