Writing is like the Firefly board game…

I spent a great New Year’s Day hosting our annual Firefly party, which means I didn’t have time to think about writing at all, but everybody needs a day off sometimes.


Here’s a photo of the game by Gale Force Nine, which takes up our entire dining room table with its multiple expansions and so many different cards and tokens.

I always put the movie and show dvds on in the background,  and today it took the six of us, who are experienced players, eight hours to complete (so, the movie and six episodes).  “Officially,” it says the mission we played is supposed to take about two hours, but we decided that was because no one’s going to buy a game that advertises itself as taking eight hours.  No matter what mission we’ve played, we’ve never had a short game of Firefly, but it’s worth it all the same.

It’s a little bit like writing this book, I suppose — I started with an idea, and now it’s expanded to take up a much bigger space than I expected, it’s taking longer to complete than I thought, and overall, I’m having fun and it’s going to be totally worth it.  There, see — the blog is back on track.

Happy New Year everyone!

4 thoughts on “Writing is like the Firefly board game…

  1. Yes there is!! I’ve linked to the site, Gale Force Nine, in the post above, or you can just google it! As I said, the game can take forever, and the initial game is only for four people (with expansions, you can have more players). You should definitely check it out, it’s amazing. “Get a ship, get a crew, keep flying.” That’s all there is to it. The photo above is our actual game session from New Years. 🙂

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