My little Toothless reminder…

I’m still thinking about the direction of the site, don’t worry. But I’m going to bring this back to dragons today, since that is what this blog is all about, after all.  I want to show off my favorite Christmas present from this year: this little Toothless statue, a design by Lindy Briggs from her Etsy store How Many Dragons?.

Toothless on Carton (Best)

I’ve been following the How Many Dragons? Facebook page for a long while, sharing all of Lindy’s posts, and gushing about the many colors and varieties of dragons that she creates not only as statues, but necklaces and ornaments as well.  So my wonderful husband apparently took the hint, and surprised me with this custom order.  (A few of Toothless’ toes fell off in transit, but he’s still cute to me.)

Other of Lindy’s dragons are made holding gems and dice and such, but she usually makes this Toothless version holding a fish.  The book was a special request.  While dragons in my story look nothing like Toothless, I do love the How to Train Your Dragon movies and TV series.

Side Toothless

My awesome and supportive husband got this for me as a visual reminder of my commitment to writing — and finishing! — my book draft this year, so I’ve set Toothless on my desk at work (since I do a fair bit of writing there… only on lunch and breaks and after work, I swear!) so he can do just that.  I hope you like him as much as I do!

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