Brass Dragon (and more!) by Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons


It’s been too long since I’ve showcased one of my favorite sculpture artists, so tonight here is Brass Dragon by Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons.  This is actually my own little dragon — my husband commissioned Lindy to create him for my birthday a little while ago, so now my little Toothless has a companion!

Brass Dragon and Toothless

About the Brass Dragon, Lindy says:

Commission inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons version of a brass dragon. The large, sail-like wings were a challenge. I had to scale them down somewhat, and it was tricky to fit all of the pieces together. I loved the idea of the bronze-to-gold-to-green color gradient, but I didn’t pull it off as well as I would have liked. On the other hand, I really like the unusual horns and belly plates.

Handmade out of colored polymer clay and mica pigment, glass bead eyes.

Despite what she says, I think she pulled it off perfectly!  I’m really happy with my little brass dragon, which is based on one of my favorite designs by professional artist Todd Lockwood.

Here’s another of Lindy’s great designs, a beautiful Egyptian Gem Dragon, with her description:


Every now and then I like to go back and work on my Egyptian-themed dragons. I really love the contrast between black and gold, but this time I decided to add some pearly teal to spice things up. I really like the result! This little guy has a matching gold collar inset with two tiny blue crystals, and he’s holding a rainbowy gem in his tail that sparkles in warm hues of red, purple and gold.

Crafted from polymer clay and Swarovski crystals, dragon is about 3 inches long

You can find all of Lindy’s How Many Dragons designs at her Etsy shop, follow her on Facebook for the lastest updates, and see her on Instagram as well.  Here’s one last image, this one of her awesome D20 dragon pendents — hopefully one of these will be my next acquisition!


Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Brass Dragon by Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons
Brass Dragon and Toothless photo by me!
Egyptian Gem Dragon by Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons
A Plethora of Dragon Pendants by Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons

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