Amythest Dragon by BrassDragon


This is Amythest Dragon by Hungarian deviantartist Kinga, posting as BrassDragon.  Kinga adds this summary of this D&D dragon, that first appeared in the 2nd Monster Manual:

Amethyst dragons are depicted as regal and wise, but not driven by neither good, evil, order or chaotic whims. Because of their neutral outlook and open mind, they are often respected as judges and negotiators between warring parties, sometimes between other dragons.  Their scales resemble mineral crystals here and there, and shine in a lavender colour which darkens with age.  They also have a very strong connection with the element of earth, preferring deep rocky caverns as lairs, with some of their magical abilities also relying on contact/source of earth and ground.


Kinga has also done other dragon sketches, like this wonderful Ruby Dragon:


And last tonight, here is Kinga’s drawing of my birthstone gem dragon, the Emerald Dragon:


I’m a little late finishing this post tonight so that’s all for me, check out the links to see what Kinga posted about the Ruby and Emerald Dragons, take care and stay creative all!

Image credits:
Amythest Dragon by BrassDragon
Ruby Dragon by BrassDragon
Emerald Dragon by BrassDragon

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