Dragon and Fluffykins by Rachael Mayo

Dragon and Fluffykins by Rachel Mayo

I thought this Friday could use some cuteness, although my heart is heavy after the horrible, heartbreaking events in Nice, France last night.  This is Dragon and Fluffykins by American deviantartist Rachael Mayo, posting a rachaelm5.

As Rachael herself says about this image:

There comes a point and time in which I must say, “Today I simply don’t feel like drawing bloodthirsty monsters from outer space. Today I wanna draw a fluffy kitty cat and a horribly cute and cuddly dragon.”

Today I want cuteness.  I don’t have the words to express my continuing grief over all of the terrible events that have been happening lately, both here in my own city of Minneapolis, and all around the world.  But let me just say that I never meant for this to be a political or news blog, which is why I am not commenting more on current events, and why I choose to continue to post my pretty dragon pictures.

However, things that directly affect the LGBTQ+ community tend to hit me particularly hard, like the attack at Pulse nightclub, so I may post about that if I feel strongly.  But in general, I want to keep this about writing and dragons and, to be honest, the escapism I’ve always sought in fantasy fiction.

So here is another one of Rachael’s dragons, called Fire of Ages.  It’s amazing.  Take care, and stay creative everyone.

Fire of Ages 02 final by Rachael Mayo

Image credits:
Dragon and Fluffykins by Rachael Mayo
Fire of Ages 02 Final by Rachael Mayo


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