AtoZ: L is for Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons?


Another favorite comes up in the A to Z Challenge!

Today we have:


L is for Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons?

If you’ve been around my site in any of the months before this April AtoZ Challenge took over my blog, you may know that I am the biggest fangirl of one particular artist’s adorable figurines that are “skillfully crafted from polymer clay with love and care,” as she describes it herself.

I am of course talking about the amazing Lindy Briggs and her Etsy shop How Many Dragons?, where she makes dragons holding gemstones or dice, like Prince of Fire above, and pendants like these below, and ornaments for the holidays, and fandom-inspired dragons — as her site says:  “How many dragons? You can never have enough!”


Lindy was kind enough to let me use her images to decorate my Links page, and I have a habit of posting one of her dragons every fortnight or so because there are just so many cute designs.  In fact, this is post #117, and I just did the math: just over 10% of my total posts on this blog have included a Lindy Briggs dragon.  Wow!

You can see a gallery of the collected posts here, including my very own Toothless holding a book — a custom piece that my husband commissioned from Lindy as my Christmas gift, as reminder for me to write my own book!  I keep Toothless on my desk at work, and sometimes carry him home for long weekends so he doesn’t get lonely. 🙂

Side Toothless

Lindy sells her pieces on Etsy, but also sometimes runs a booth at fan and anime conventions, if you would like to browse in person.  Check out her current schedule here.


I’ve told my friends and family that they don’t have to wonder ever again what to get me for a present, as I would love to get a whole flight of these little dragons someday.  Toothless is my only one so far, but my birthday is coming up… 🙂

Thanks for reading!  Go visit Lindy’s shop or deviantart site or Instagram or Facebook page, and let her know you found her through Writing Dragons, if you’re feeling chatty.  I’d love to send her some more business!

Stay creative!

Image credits:
All images (except my own photograph of Toothless) come from Lindy Brigg’s deviantart site today, and are of course copyright of the artist and How Many Dragons?.  

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