Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs by LuthienSecrets


So I’ve decided to do Game of Thrones-related dragons every Sunday for the run of Game of Thrones, starting with last week and running through June for Season 6.

Tonight I found this great craft piece called Dragon Eggs by Spanish artist Cristina Carneiro, who posts on deviantart as LuthienSecrets.  She runs an Etsy store with her partner called Neirahda, and it’s currently on a break, but hopefully they return soon.

This piece shows the Targaryen crest and the colored dragon eggs gifted to the young Daenerys Targaryen in beautiful detail.  I’d love to have this on my shelf!

Short post tonight as I let the events of that amazing episode of Game of Thrones sink in, so I’ll see you tomorrow with another dragon, and hopefully a site update!  Happy May, everyone!  Stay creative!

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4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs by LuthienSecrets

  1. Jamie, I’m going through withdrawal and it’s all your fault. While enjoying your A-Z posts during April, I re-read the Dragon Riders of Pern series. I read the 17 books that we own, plus the one I found at the library. Now I’m in that uncomfortable adjustment period that happens when you’ve been so absorbed in a fictional culture that returning to reality just sucks!! Seriously. Thanks for sharing some awesome dragon art, and for sending me back to Pern for a month long vacation. Shards! I needed that! 😉

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