New Schedule for May! Dragon by Jasinai

Dragon by Jasinai

This Dragon by German deviantartist Jasinai looks pretty content, perched here on top of his hoard, don’t you think?  He’s got everything under control, but I get the impression that he’s also planning his next move — so I thought he was the perfect dragon for my mood today.

I loved participating in the April AtoZ challenge, but I’m also pretty glad it’s over — now I can sit on and admire my own hoard of alphabetical dragon posts, and I even put a new badge up on my sidebar (or at the bottom of the screen, if you’re viewing this on a mobile device), proudly proclaiming that I survived!  You can see all the posts here if you’d like to go admire my handiwork as well. 🙂

But I’m also looking ahead to May and June, now that I have to figure out what to post on my own instead of following a set of rules.  I’ve decided to shift around my weekly posting schedule a little bit, so here is the new schedule, which I’ve also put on my newly revised About Me page:

Weekly posting schedule, updated for May and June 2016:

Daily Dragon

Daily Dragon, WIP Update, Plans for the Upcoming Week

Daily Dragon

WordPress Discover Challenge Writing Prompt Post – Neeka’s Story

Thursday Writing Thoughts

Most Fridays:
Daily Dragon

Last Friday of the Month:
Random Writings

Daily Dragon

I’m only committing this schedule to May and June, since I’ve already had three schedules in five months, so it’s bound to be adjusted further as we go!  As you can see, I’ve moved the Weekly Update to Monday nights, as I have more time to blog today than on Fridays.  I’d also like to use it to give myself a concrete battle plan for the week.

The one change I’m nervous about comes on Tuesday.  I’ve decided to move posting my Discover Challenge writing prompt post to Wednesdays, instead of trying to write a whole chapter of Neeka’s Story after only having the prompt for a few hours.  I’ve also got a weekly trivia league commitment on Tuesday nights, and trying to do both has been stressing me out, as well as not producing the quality and quantity of story that I’d like.

That adjustment shifts my Wednesday Writing Craft post to Thursday, and since I like alliteration, I’ve renamed it to Thursday Writing Thoughts.  🙂  New name, but you can expect the same type of writing quotes and musings as before.

I’m still going to post a Random Writing on the last Friday of each month, which may or may not be about Finding Dragons, or even dragons at all, perhaps.  As a birthday present to myself, I’m planning May’s post to be a visual presentation I created for class a few years ago, about one of my absolute favorite books in the world, The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle.

I’m hoping to use the days that just say Daily Dragon to share a piece of art and a short post, but then to get back to actually writing Finding Dragons instead of just talking about it.  As I wrote about in last week’s Writing Craft Thoughts, even with a completed chapter-by-chapter outline, the story is still just gossip in my head at the moment, and I’m antsy to get back to the work of tracking down all the pieces and putting them down in print, so I can eventually share my novel with the rest of the world.

The artist Jasinai has another beautiful dragon in her deviantart gallery that I’ll leave you with today — this Winterdragon looks like she’s contemplating the future, and so am I.  Thanks as always for reading, take care and stay creative!!


Image credits:
Dragon by Jasinai
Winterdragon by Jasinai

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