Another dragon pic today…Life is Full by Shiari and Zanne


January 10th, 2016, when this was originally posted, was just ten days in to my brand new blogging adventure, and I was just trying to figure out what I was doing.  It seems so far removed from where I currently am now, nine months later in September 2016.

This is one of my original “daily dragons,” but back then, I wasn’t as concerned with finding and crediting the original artist as I am now, much to my embarrasment now.  So when I run across an image that I know I’ve used before, I find it necessary to come back and edit the original post, adding the proper attribution as I should have done all those months ago.

This cutie is called Life is full, with original line work by American deviantartist shiari, and colored (with shiari’s permission) by fellow American deviantartist Zanne.  Here is the original Life is full… in black and white:


Shiari named this species Liierra, commonly called Hand Dragons.  Specifically about this image, she has the best quote:

Life is full of tiny miracles. May you recognise them for what they are.
The world is filled with small wonders. May they always be within reach.

I’m going to post another of shiari’s Liierra for my September 21, 2016 daily dragon, so go check that out if you like after this.  Take care!

Original post:

I was busy writing today, trying to finish up that first chapter by my self-imposed deadline of midnight tonight — and I got close, but not quite done, so I’m taking one more day and should have it wrapped up tomorrow after work.

So for my daily post, here, have another pretty dragon picture.

Palm-sized kitten dragon

In my story, there are three distinct sizes of dragons, one being tiny dragonets that would fit in the palm of your hand like this — although they don’t look quite like this one.  It’s so cute though.

I can’t find the original source for this one, apologies, and I can’t read the signature at the bottom to give the artist credit, but I loved it and wanted to share.  (If anyone can tell me what it says, leave it in the comments please?)

Have a good night!  Back to work, writing, and Blogging 101 tomorrow!

(first) Image credit

Image credit:
Collab: Life is full… colored by Zanne
Life is full… by shiari

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