Top 100 Writing Blogs for Authors and Bloggers

Full original post by Anuj Agarwal, find it here:

I came across this list today through the #14 blog on this list, Writers Write, which I follow on Facebook.  I’m reposting it — reblogging it, I guess, a new thing for me — here for anyone interested, and keeping it as a resource for myself as I continue on this blogging adventure.  I’m going to check out the entire list as the weeks progress, but for now, I’m just going to highlight the first five in this post.

I didn’t have time to go into much depth on these five sites, but I did browse each of their home pages and some of the latest articles.  From what I saw, I’m certain it will be a benefit to me to follow them each from here on out.  They all contain different bits of writerly advice that’s worth reading; but I’ll have to be careful not to let too much reading get in the way of my own writing.

I hope you enjoy the list as well, and be sure to visit the original blog post to get the full 100 sites!

All credit for this pullout section goes to Anuj Agarwal:


Blog address –

About Author – 3-time Winner of Write to Done’s Top 10 Blogs on Writing. I am a writer who helps other writers and creative individuals find their passion and share it with the world. I do this through my award-winning blog, books I wrote, speeches I deliver, and online courses I teach.


Blog address –

About Blog – The Write Practice is here to kick-start your practice. You have to write millions of words no one is ever going to see before you can write the ones that will change someone’s life.

Fifteen minutes a day, six times a week, you will practice writing like Hemingway, James Joyce, Malcolm Gladwell, and many others. As you imitate their voices, you’ll grow into yours. And you’ll be on your way not just to publishing, but to publishing something people will actually want to read.


Blog address –

About Author – Dedicated to helping you get more traffic to your blog or website, is the online magazine of Jon Morrow, one of the web’s leading authorities on blogging and writing. Once a week, Boost Blog Traffic publishes fresh content from talented writers who know how to play the blogging game to win.


Blog address –

About Author -Award-winning and internationally published author of the bestselling Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel. Writes speculative and historical fic.


Blog address –

About Author -I’m a novelist, a copyeditor, a writing coach, a mom, a backpacker, and a whole bunch of other things. I teach workshops on the writing craft at writers’ conferences and retreats.

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