May Birthstone Dragons II – Emerald – by Various Artists


Fairy Dragon- Emerald by MyOwnDragon

Happy Birthday to my fellow May babies!!  It’s so hard for me to choose between all these beautiful green dragons, so as usual, this is a supersized birthstones post, starting with Fairy Dragon: Emerald by Ukrainian professional artist Evgeniya Glazkova, posting as MyOwnDragon.  She was my feature for last year’s May post, but I find the long legs, long neck, big eyes, and small wings of this dragon really intriguing!  Maybe this is what my tiny dragons look like?  I might have to check in with her about that idea at some point!  O.O  See more in her gallery, follow her on Facebook, and order ‘your own dragon’ in her Etsy shop.

05 - may - emerald -

From the International Gem Society:

Emerald, another beryl variety, has a rich body of symbolism, including associations with fertility, health, and faithfulness. This traditional and modern May birthstone has served as a symbol of rebirth throughout history … [and] was said to have been Cleopatra’s favorite. According to traditional beliefs, this gem brings its owner foresight, youth, and good fortune.


Up next is Emerald of the Grasslands by American professional artist H. “Rah” Esdaile, posting as rah-bop.  A commission for fellow deviantartist vtforpedro, the only instructions were for “an emerald-colored dragon with red-gold eyes and a leathal-looking spade [tail] in a grassland,” and I think they came up with an amazing design!  You can see a detailed shot of this dragon’s head here and more from this artist in their gallery, at their official website, and follow them on Twitter.

Emerald of the Grasslands by rah-bop

We’ve seen beautiful orange, black, and yellow highlights on these green dragons so far, but here’s one with furry blue accents that I just love.  This is Emerald dragon by Canadian deviantartist ManueC.  She writes that she doesn’t use deviantart very much anymore, but you can still check out her gallery, or follow her art on Instagram, Tumblr, and in her Etsy shop.

Emerald dragon by ManueC

Now we have a constructed piece called Green Dragon, made by American professional artist and crafter Leah, posting as ShalladdrinThe white wing and neck detail on this dragon, and the clever way she uses the stitching to accent the wing ridges, is really great!  She has beautiful illustrations as well as fantastic plushes in her gallery, and you can see more in her Etsy shop too.


Next up we have a World of Warcraft entry* — this is Ysera and Emerald Dream by American professional artist Leslie Casilli, posting as Enchantress-LeLe.  Created for a contest on the Wowhead fanpage, she writes, “We were tasked with painting one of the things we were most excited about in the coming Legion expansion.  I just can’t wait to see what they do with the Emerald Dream and … Ysera.  I love the dragons of WoW!”  Find more of Leslie’s art in her gallery or at her official website, where you can purchase her beautiful Savage Majesty Playing Card Deck in the shop!


And finally (since it’s my party and I’ll long-post and be fashionably late if I want to 😉 ) here is Favorite Dragon Type: Rayquaza by American professional artist Katherine Osika, posting as TheArtsyAxolotlOkay, so maybe it’s not explicitly ’emerald’ but you can’t begrudge me a bright green Pokemon for my birthday!  For me it’s a toss-up between Rayquaza and Salamance as my favorite dragon-type, but I use this one more often in Pokemon Go raids, that’s for sure.  See more amazing artwork in Katherine’s gallery, follow her on Tumblr and at her official website, and check her out on Twitch some time!


And speaking of Pokemon, I’m super excited that I’ll be going to Pokemon Go Fest 2019 in Chicago in June!  I was lucky enough to attend the previous two events, and even though everyone called the first year a debacle, we had enough fun to attend the second, and now I’m going back again!

It’s the week after our big Florida vacation which means June is going to be a busy month for me, but don’t worry, I’ll still try to bring you as many dragons as I can while I kick off my last summer here in the ‘frozen north.’  🙂

I know I’m a little late with this post, but at least I didn’t miss my own birthday dragons!  I’m working on a post featuring some amazing Game of Thrones artwork in honor of the HBO series ending on Sunday, so stay tuned for that, and as always, thank you so much for reading, take care, and stay creative!

* You can also see a sculpted version of Ysera by the amazing Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons that I featured back in 2016 here!

Image credits:
Fairy Dragon: Emerald by Evgeniya Glazkova, posting as MyOwnDragon
+ Emerald image from the International Gem Society article What is my Birthstone?
+ Emerald of the Grasslands by H. “Rah” Esdaile, posting as rah-bop
+ Emerald dragon by ManueC
+ Green Dragon by Shalladdrin
+ Ysera and Emerald Dream by Leslie Casilli, posting as Enchantress-LeLe
+ Favorite Dragon Type: Rayquaza by Katherine Osika, posting as TheArtsyAxolotl 


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