Ysera, the Dreamer by Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons


I’m sleepy tonight because lately I’ve been leaving my posts until the very end of the night, but it’s the perfect time to share some adorable sleepy dragons by one of my absolute favorite artists, Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons.  This first one is called Ysera, the Dreamer, a specially commissioned piece which is apparently a reference to Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft game.  Lindy says:

Ysera is the leader of the green dragonflight and is also known as the Dreamer, so I made her lying down and sleeping, similar to how she appears in WoW’s Emerald Dragonshrine. She’s is an oversized dragon and features closed eyes, gem-studded bracers, leg armor, a spiked tail, and a swirled green and gold d20 die.

This next cutie is called Sleepy Star Dragon.


Lindy says:

This sparkly black space dragon has had a hard day, and now she just wants to lie down and rest. Too bad she’s committed to keeping an eye on her gem at all times! D:

More sparkly black clay, but this time with spacier accents. I gave her some pearly purple and blue horns in order to match her crystal gem, and she also has a line of rainbowy crystal rhinestones running down her back for some extra celestial sparkle.

And finally, here is the adorable Sleeping Green Dragon, made for Otakon 2015:sleeping_green_dragon_by_howmanydragons-d95js7i

Make sure you check out Lindy’s deviantart gallery and Etsy shop, and remember her commissions make lovely gifts — Christmas is not that far away!

All right, time to hit the sack.  Take care, stay creative, and get some sleep, okay!

Image credits:
Ysera, the Dreamer by How Many Dragons
Sleepy Star Dragon by How Many Dragons

Sleeping Green Dragon by How Many Dragons

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