Dragon of Marduk by Kaitlin Reid


This is a really interesting piece tonight called Dragon of Marduk, by the multitalented professional artist Kaitlin Reid, also known as Sunset Dragon or Sakuranym, and posting on deviantart as Flying-Fox.  Kaitlin writes about her interpretation of this dragon creature from Ancient Mesopotamian myth:

This Striding Snake Dragon of Marduk at one time decorated the Ishtar Gate which began the procession to the great temple of Marduk for about half a mile. The dragon is decorated in molded glazed bricks, with its scaly body of a dragon, head of a snake, hind feet claws of a large bird of prey, front paws of a lion and the tail of a deadly scorpion.

I think it’s really well done!  Next up, we have a really detailed dragon that just caught his lunch.  This one is called Feesh:


Such a cutie.  And finally, here’s one more by Kaitlin, because you know I can’t pass up a chance to share a picture of my beloved Toothless, and all the Pokemon are just a great bonus!  This one is called Dragon Sitting:


Kaitlin is not only a very talented artist with a wonderful deviantart gallery of illustrations, but she’s also an amazing crafter and cosplayer, so be sure to check out her website, her Etsy shop, and also her Facebook page to see more of her work.

That’s it for me tonight.  Take care and stay creative all!

Image credits:
Dragon of Marduk by Kaitlin Reid

Feesh by Kaitlin Reid
Dragon Sitting by Kaitlin Reid


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