Late Dragon by Luke Mancini


I hope all my American readers had an enjoyable long weekend for the Labor Day holiday!  I certainly did… I admit, I might have been a little lax with my blog, here, but in that spirit, tonight I have Late Dragon by American professional artist Luke Mancini, posting as Mr–Jack.  He posted this back in 2012 and mentioned he missed a scheduled post himself, so I thought this was perfect for tonight.

Then I looked at the rest of his amazing gallery and I was blown away, so I’m really excited to share a few more images.  This next one was a picture Luke did for his girlfriend who wanted a lighthearted image of a bubble-bath dragon, so this is called Suds:


So cute!  And the “rubber drake-y” (as I’ve decided to call it) is adorable too.  Finally, I was really excited to find this next one in Jake’s gallery — of course, I love images with multiple dragons, but this one specifically caught my eye because I thought I recognized a few of them.

And sure enough, the description of Vale of Dragons proved me right — this was another image for Luke’s girlfriend, who was playing a lot of DragonVale, the mobile game I am STILL playing almost daily.


So that’s it for me, and now I have to go back to work tomorrow and get back to real life.  I promise to get back on track with my daily posts, and I have a Writing Thoughts post planned for Thursday, and someday, someday, I will have another Neeka chapter to post, I promise.

Thanks for reading everyone, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Late Dragon by Luke Mancini

Suds by Luke Mancini
Vale of Dragons by Luke Mancini

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