Forest Spirit by SnowSkadi


On to day two of my holiday weekend, featuring amazing Russian artist SnowSkadi.  (It might be a little late, but holidays are for relaxing!)  This first very green dragon is called Forest Spirit.  I love his big ears, perked up as to say, “Who are you, looking at me?”

This next one is a very early piece in SnowSkadi’s gallery, just called Black Dragon.  Even though it seems fairly simple, I really like the swirling, shadowy texture of the dragon, and his bright eye.


And now, like yesterday, I want to share two more pieces by SnowSkadi, that aren’t dragon related, but that I find just beautiful.  This next one is called Academia, with an elegant tower that I’m just positive contains an amazing library where I could lounge and read for hours!


And here’s another fantastic tower in front of Two Moons.  The low water level where the adventurer is standing made me wonder if the dual moons had a more dramatic effect on the tides on this world, and if the archways of the building would be submerged at another time of day.


So much of the artwork of SnowSkadi is beautiful and thought provoking, so you should definitely go check out his entire gallery!  Meanwhile, I’m getting back to my long weekend, so take care and stay creative everyone!

Image credits:
Forest Spirit by SnowSkadi

Black Dragon by SnowSkadi
Academia by SnowSkadi
Two Moons by SnowSkadi

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