Red Dragon by SnowSkadi


It’s a holiday weekend, so I’ve been out having fun and slacking a bit on my blogging, but to make up for it I’m going to share a bunch of art over two days by the amazing Russian artist SnowSkadi.  This first is called Red Dragon, with really great color blending in the wings and a great flame effect.

Next is another called Dragonfly and, although I wonder if that title is intentionally truncated, or if it’s a translation issue.  Either way, it’s a cute image, and reminds me of the tiny dragonets in my novel.


SnowSkadi has tons of beautiful images that aren’t dragons, although I’ll share two more of his dragons tomorrow, not to worry.  Next up is an image from 2007 that has more than 2,300 comments on it that SnowSkadi submitted to a contest on a Russian site called CreatureDesign.  I couldn’t find out if he won for this image, but if he didn’t, the judges were crazy!  This is White Tower:


I just love the detail in this fantastic castle!  I would love to write a story set in this world.  This is a very stark, blue, white, and gold image, but this next one has so many beautiful colors as a great contrast.  This is Sudden Rain:


I spent way too much time browsing through SnowSkadi’s extensive deviantart gallery today, and I highly recommend you check him out as well, but don’t worry, I’ll have four more images to check out tomorrow.

Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Red Dragon by SnowSkadi

Dragonfly and by SnowSkadi
White Tower by SnowSkadi
Sudden Rain by SnowSkadi

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