Starry Night Wizard’s Castle by Jamie Lyn Weigt (that’s me!)


Here’s a first for my blog!  Not the “oops I’m late” part, of course, but tonight I’m featuring a brand new artist — ME!  This picture above is called “Starry Night Wizard’s Castle,” a mix of Van Gogh’s Starry Night with Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle in the foreground.  What do you think?

I created this Friday night at an event we attended with a bunch of friends at a place called Pinot’s Pallet.  A group of about fifty Harry Potter fans gathered at personal easels, with three different “wands” (brushes) and five colors of acrylic paints on paper plates, with beer or wine in hand.  Then, for three hours, we were instructed step by step how to create this painting by an instructor on a small stage at the front of the room.


This is us in the middle of the evening – we created the Starry Night part first, then painted Hogwarts over it.

No one there claimed to be any kind of artist, and I was seriously worried if I’d even be able to keep up, or if it would look like a first grader finger painted my canvas.  But honestly, I’m completely shocked how well mine (and everyone’s) turned out!  The instructions were simple as we followed along, and it was really fun.

There are loads of places doing event nights like this all across the country, as the “drink while you create something” craze is sweeping the  nation, and I highly recommend you check one out in your area.  This place has so many different pieces you can sign up for, from landscapes, to modern art, and they’re even having another Harry Potter night where you can paint a beautiful phoenix!  I won a $25 gift card during their Harry Potter Trivia segment last night, so I know I’ll be back!

That’s it for me right now, but I’d love to know what you think of my art!  Thanks for reading, and stay creative!

Image credit:
Starry Night Wizard’s Castle by Jamie Lyn Weigt (that’s me!)

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