(Dragonless) Sunset by ChidoriNagashi


Ah, another missed day.  Here is Sunset by American deviantartist Lauren, posting as ChidoriNagashi, a beautiful image that Lauren captured while she was “waiting for a football game.” Which is super appropriate, since I missed my post for an American football game.

And not even for my beloved Green Bay Packers!  As you might know, my husband and I are originally from the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, but we live in Minneapolis, Minnesota now, and have for almost ten years.  But we’ve always held on to our love of my hometown Packers, and I’ve never liked the Minnesota Vikings, possibly our biggest rival.

However, at the last minute, someone clued me in that there were cheap tickets available for the final Vikings preseason game at their brand new, state of the art, $1 billion U.S. Bank Stadium, so we decided to go just to check out the spectacle.

And it was certainly that!  It’s an amazing stadium, and even our nosebleed seats in nearly the very top row had a great view.  If you’d like to see some goofy selfies of my husband and I, as well as some of the cool features of the stadium, you can check them out here.

Friday’s post is going to be a little late too, and it’s technically dragonless as well, although this time it’s on purpose.  So look for that, take care, and stay creative!

Image credit:
Sunset by ChidoriNagashi

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