Firefly Dragon by Kristen Hall


Here’s a cutie.  This is Firefly Dragon by artist Kristen Hall, who also posts on deviantart as The-Cynical-Unicorn.  Kristen doesn’t just paint amazing dragons like this on her blog of amazing fantasy art, she writes intricate details about each of them, like this for the Firefly Dragon:

Members of the Fairy Dragon family, Firefly Dragons are about the size of robins or squirrels. They are a peaceful species, living off flower nectar, fruit, and occasionally supplement their diet with insects. They have no defense other than to fly away or spit a candle-sized flame, so they are very shy. They are nocturnal. Firefly Dragons communicate by soft chirps and squeaks and over longer distances by flashing their bio-luminescent tendrils in different patterns.

That’s only a sample of the details for this one dragon, so I highly recommend you check out her site and the page dedicated to the dragon species she has created for more.

To be honest, I was going to share this pretty dragon back when I’d just been to the Can’t Stop the Serenity movie charity screening, but then I realized that while it was the Firefly universe, a Serenity dragon would be more appropriate that day.

And tonight I spent a bit too much time chasing Pokemon, so I’m going to save more of Kristen’s artwork for next Wednesday, when I’ll have more time.  So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, take care and stay creative!

Image credit:
Firefly Dragon by Kristen Hall

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