Dragon on a Tree by faustsketcher


Tonight I’m sharing this lovely picture called Dragon on a Tree by Spanish deviantartist faustsketcher.  In case you can’t read the little speech bubble above the guy’s head, he’s saying “Are you f*ing kidding me” because, I mean really, how ridiculous is seeing a scaredy-cat dragon in a tree?  🙂

So, speaking of “are you kidding me,” I picked this image because tonight I almost let my bike get stolen, and it would have been completely my own damn fault.

I went shopping after work, and parked my bike in a set of bike racks on the street near the store.  When I parked, however, I spent so much time messing with my bike bag (a convertible backpack that hooks to the back of my bike), and getting my phone out of it’s case on my handlebars (because yes, I’d been playing Pokemon Go), and hooking my new bike helmet onto the backpack, that I actually walked away from my bike without putting the lock on.  “Are you f*ing kidding me?” indeed!

I actually went shopping and was gone for about a half hour, having left my bike on the downtown Minneapolis street, just completely unlocked and sitting there.

I realized what I’d done as I was walking out of the store a block away, and then ran back to where I’d parked, fully expecting there to be no bike!  But luckily for me, apparently no one noticed what I’d done, and my bike was very much still there.  WHEW!

So, that’s my story for tonight.  I’ll leave you with one more picture from faustsketcher, who hasn’t done a lot of dragons, but this sketch called Dragon over the Mountains caught my eye.


Thanks for reading everyone, take care, double check your bike lock next time you ride, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Dragon on a Tree by faustsketcher
Dragon over the Mountains by faustsketcher

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