Bicycle Chain Dragon by Nikos Chitoglou


Today I wanted to share this really cool Dragon sculpture made primarily from a bicycle chain along with other metal gears and parts by Greek deviantartist Nikos Chitoglou, posting as metalmorphoses.

My husband and I finally got out on our bikes again yesterday, enjoying these last days of summer and getting ourselves to and from the Minnesota State Fair, so I have bikes on the brain today.  I also have a bike errand to run after work, but later I plan to park the bike and try to get this darn Neeka Story to cooperate… we’ll see how that goes.

The top image is great for showing all the detail and intricate parts involved in this sculpture, but Nikos also has a photo of his Dragon with lighting effects that really make it pop — here it is from his Exhibition, looking almost alive!

dragon_by_metalmorphoses (lighting)

Nikos also makes beautiful jewelry out of metal, like this Steampunk Bikes Necklace.  I know it’s more of a motorcycle than a bicycle, but it’s close enough for me.

steampunk_bike_necklace_by_metalmorphoses (2)

And finally, here’s another of Nikos’s metal sculptures, this one called Enjoying the Sun — which is what I plan to go do right now.


You can find more of Nikos’ sculptures in his deviantart gallery, and a few of his pieces for sale at his Etsy shop.  I’m keeping this short today, but thanks for reading, take care and stay creative!

UPDATE – February 28, 2017 – I found out through a Facebook post that Nikos will have a shop opening up soon, so if you’re ever in the neighborhood of Oia, Santorini, you should stop by!  The directions are “Under the chapel of St. Nicholas towards the kastro.”  I’d love to see photos as well, so let me know how it is in the comments! 🙂

Image credits:
Dragon by Nikos Chitoglou
Dragon Picture from the Exhibition by Nikos Chitoglou
Steampunk Bike Necklace by Nikos Chitoglou
Enjoying the Sun by Nikos Chitoglou

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