A Red Dragon Attacks Sandpoint by Wayne Reynolds


Playing Pathfinder with my RPG group again today, and I found the perfect picture to post!  This is A Red Dragon Attacks Sandpoint by professional artist Wayne Reynolds, which depicts the exact combat we’re fighting right now!  This is an encounter from the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.

Sandpoint is the name of the town we’ve been using as a base of operations for a while now, and earlier today we found a note at a bad guy’s lair warning us of a major attack that was about to go down!  So now we’re fighting stone giants, dire bears, and a freakin’ red dragon, with my awesome half-elven Sorceress, a gnome Druid with her fighting tiger, a human Rogue, and another human Monk.  (Our half-elven Ranger couldn’t make it today, because she gave birth to her second daughter last week!)

Our party is doing all right because we’re all level 13, and I have fireballs and scorching rays that do 30-40 points of damage each round, but this dragon is pretty tough!  Wish us luck!

Image credit:
A Red Dragon Attacks Sandpoint by Wayne Reynolds

Wayne has loads of other great dragon art at his website so I’m sure I’ll be sharing more later, stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “A Red Dragon Attacks Sandpoint by Wayne Reynolds

    • Thanks Niina! D&D and the “generic” version Pathfinder that we play is really fun, I hope you get a chance to check it out someday — your local game store is a good place to start! As for the dragon… well, it kicked my butt, actually. And then flew away because they got what they were looking for in our town. 😥 We heroes managed to save the town from burning down, but we’ll just have to build up levels and try again next time! 🙂

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