Here There Be Dragons by Ben Wootten


I thought I’d go back and revisit an artist I shared back in February that I really loved, so this is Here there be Dragons by professional artist Ben Wootten.  This is a great picture, and I hope you click to see it full-sized, because each time I look at it I find another dragon — I count ten, I think.  Do you see any more?  🙂  Ben did this image for the Pathfinder campaign setting book Inner Sea Faiths by Paizo Publishing.

This next piece was for Dragon Magazine #350, called Sea Wyvern:


I’m a big fan of tall sailing ships like this too, so I really like this image.  And of course, being a stickler for the dragon/wyvern difference (dragons have four legs and wings, wyverns have two legs and their front legs are their wings), it just makes it that much sweeter that he named it right!  But this artist is a master of dragons, as you can see from his gallery, so it’s really no surprise.

I’ll just share one more of Ben’s images today, but it’s so difficult to choose which one!  I think I’m going to save some of his more recent work to share when the new Paizo book he’s drawn them for is released later this year, so for now, here is a beautiful Blue Dragon, from the book Pathfinder Chronicles: Dragons Revisited:


That’s it for me today… one of these days, I’ll really get back to writing the book this whole blog started over, Finding Dragons, or perhaps I’ll continue on the Neeka Story, but for now, the rest of the vacation laundry is waiting for me at home, and these Pokemon aren’t going to catch themselves!

Also, a quick hello to all my new Italian (and elsewhere) readers — it was so nice to chat with the artist himself, Umberto Mulignano, earlier today when I let him know I’d featured him yesterday, and I was really happy he shared my post on his own page!  Thank you so much, I’m glad you stopped by to check out my humble blog, and I hope you enjoy all the dragons!

Take care everyone, stay creative!

Image credits:
Here there be Dragons by Ben Wootten

Sea Wyvern by Ben Wootten
Blue Dragon by Ben Wootten

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