Summer Fairy Dragon Pendant by Umberto Mulignano

Summer Fairy Dragon Pendant by Umberto M

It’s a beautiful summer day here in Minnesota, so today here is a Summer Fairy Dragon Pendant by Italian polymer clay artist and illustrator Umberto Mulignano, one of his Dragons of the Four Elements series (at least, that’s how Google translated the Italian), found on his Facebook page.  I can appreciate our weather even more now that I’m home and seeing that Florida, and the Gulf Coast area where we just were vacationing, is getting hammered by terrible rainstorms and even flooding.  I hope everyone there is staying safe!

Here is another of Umberto’s pendants.  This one is more of a galaxy dragon design with a really pretty color scheme:

Galaxy Dragon Pendant by Umberto M

And here’s another dragon from this series that he didn’t give a name to in his post, but I think it could be an air elemental dragon.  All of today’s pieces have been sold (adopted, as he says), but Umberto creates lots of different kinds of art, and you can contact him for information on how to purchase or commission one of his great designs for your very own.

Air Elemental Dragon Pendant by Umberto M.jpg

This one reminds me a little of a Dratini Pokemon!  Umberto does play and post about Pokemon Go, but I know the resemblance is not intentional and this is just a common dragon style.

Speaking of Pokemon, though… Umberto also created this awesome sculpture of a Vaporeon in it’s Pokeball — I just love it!  I love Eevees, and all the Eeveelutions, and my current top Pokemon is a Vaporeon at CP 1781.  🙂  This is such a creative ornament, and I would love to have one for all 151 Pokemon (and beyond, even!).

Vaporeon in Pokeball by Umberto M

That’s it for me, I’m off to finish upacking and do all our vacation laundry now — ugh!  Thanks for reading, take care and stay creative everyone!

Image credits:
Summer Fairy Dragon Pendant by Umberto Mulignano
Galaxy dragon pendant by Umberto Mulignano
Air elemental dragon by Umberto Mulignano
Vaporeon in it’s Pokeball by Umberto Mulignano

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