Black Dragon by Ben Wootten


Look at this amazing Pathfinder RPG Black Dragon by professional artist Ben Wootten!  There are more great pieces and more about the artist at that link that I highly recommend you check out.

We’re playing Pathfinder today. We haven’t fought a dragon yet, but we’re in the middle of a battle right now where my level 11 Sorcerer just flew up a mountainside and lit up a line of archers with a great spell from the Advanced Player’s Guide called Fire Snake.

Unfortunately, my 11d6 damage wasn’t quite enought to kill them all, and in retaliation they promptly made me a pin cushion and I fell out of the sky.  I probably should have cast Greater Invisibility or at least Blink or Mirror Image first, but my inititive was so low that I thought I might miss the whole battle if I wasted a round protecting myself.  Grr.

I hope everyone’s having a fun weekend!  Stay creative!

Black Dragon by Ben Wootten

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