Exciting News for Work-in-Progress Friday…

So this is the day I’m supposed to tell you, “Oh, hey, I finished Chapter 4 right on time and I’m moving on to Chapter 5!  Isn’t that great?”

Well, sadly, that’s  not what I’m reporting.  However, I do have two exciting pieces of news to report instead which, I hope, can make up for my missed deadline!


If you haven’t yet read my first crack at an interview article called “From Swift to Star Wars to Steampunk: The Funny Dark Sides of Marc Gunn,” I hope you can spare a few minutes now to check it out.

The focus of the article, the amazing Celtic geek musican Marc Gunn, just contacted me tonight to say he’d read the article, and he loved it, and he was promoting it on his own blog!  I’m so thankful to Marc to have taken the time to be an interview subject for one of my last school projects, and the article itself is one my favorite pieces of writing to date.



My second piece of news is that I’ve decided to post the entire second chapter of Finding Dragons here on this blog, on it’s own page (up by the “About the Author” and “The Dragons Trilogy” links in the Menu).  (There will be a link there once I actually get it posted.)

It’s about 4,000 words, so it’s really too long for a single blog post, but my chapters are going to be between 3,500-4,200 words according to my big plan, so it’s right on track there.  This is half of the writing I had to turn in for my final project before I got my Bachelor’s degree in Fall 2015, and has been continually edited ever since then as well.  As always, any critiques or comments are always appreciated.

After I posted the writing prompt about the bonfire ritual that takes place in the world of Finding Dragons, I realized that with no background in my world, that bit of story might not make that much sense to new readers, even though it does to me.

So while it’s certainly not a final draft, I think the first draft of this chapter, introducing my main characters and the world, is good enough to put out there for public scrutiny.

Please check it out if you have a minute, and let me know what you think.  I’m trying not to edit it that much before I post it, so I really can get back to working on chapter 4, but that’s easier said than done.

All right, stay creative everyone!

Image credit:
Celtic Dragon by bluecynder (Kathleen Lindsey)

Black and green dragon ornament holding a d20
by How Many Dragons?

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