Peaceful Slumber by shiari


Today, September 21, is the United Nations International Day of Peace, so I thought I would go find a “peace dragon” to share with you today.  Here is Peaceful Slumber by American deviantartist shiari, depicting shiari’s original dragon species called the Liierra, or “Hand Dragon.”  Isn’t it adorable?

When I saw this art style, I just knew I’d seen it before, so I looked through shiari’s gallery, and sure enough, I found an image that I shared waaaaay back in January, right at the start of my blogging adventure.  Back then, I wasn’t being diligent about artist attribution (to my shame), but I’ve gone back and adjusted the post, describing my mistake and attributing not just shiari, but her colorist Zanne as well.

With that out of the way, here are a few more tiny, adorable Liierra drawn by shiari.  This next one is called Meep:


And last up for today, and sticking with the peaceful theme, here is a cutie pie who’s gotten all turned around.  This one is called Tumble time, and shiari says she didn’t use any pose reference for this, making it even more impressive:


You can find even more adorableness over in shiari’s gallery, as well as pictures of her many pets, including the corn snakes she breeds!  I wish you and yours a peaceful International Day of Peace today — take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Peaceful Slumber by shiari

Meep by shiari
Tumble time by shiari

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