Rhaegal by Dejan Delic


Hello for another Game of Thrones Sunday!  I found some great Game of Thrones artwork tonight by Serbian professional artist Dejan Delic, and the first is Rhaegal above.  He has such a beautiful art style!

Next, we have this great scene below, but while the artist himself names the human charcter in the title, I don’t want to even possibly spoil anything.  So here is (Character) and Viserion (clicking the link will give you the name, if you want to know).


Dejan has illustrated many more characters from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, but since this is a blog dedicated to dragons, the final image I’ll share tonight is called Daenerys Targaryn, with the impressive Drogon.


Go check out Dejan’s gallery with much more than just ASoIaF, or his Facebook page, and of course, as always, stay creative!

Image credits:
Rhaegal by Dejan Delic
(Character) and Viserion by Dejan Delic
Daenerys Targaryn by Dejan Delic

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