Christmas Dragons by Various Artists


I hope you’re having yourself a merry little Christmas, my dear readers!  I’ve found some adorable dragons to share for the holiday, starting with this adorable Christmas Dragon by Spanish professional artist Juan Arrabal Hernandez, posting as Dragolisco.  I love his expression and the colors!  Catch more of Juan’s amazing artwork in his gallery, including some great Pokemon.

This next one is beautiful, and I’ve always loved ice blue as a Christmas color as opposed to the usual red and green.  This is Spirit of Christmas by professional deviantartist Static-ghost.  She has a really fantastic gallery filled with more dragons and also some Pokemon as well, so I’m sure I’ll be featuring her again soon!


And this next is called Feeding the Dragon, a Christmas card that I would certainly send out!  Uruguayan professional artist Ismael Bergara, posting as Art-Calavera, won a well deserved Daily Deviation for this piece back in 2011, and has a really beautiful caption to go along with it.  Check out his really unique gallery for more!

December, this is a time of renewal. It’s a time for love, a time for friends and family.   You look back, stare at the night sky, and enjoy remembering the great things that have happened this year, you remember those who are no longer with us, and most important, you share all of those feelings with the ones that are still with us. Our loved ones. There’s no hatred, only peace, and harmony.  AND PRESENTS!!


Here’s another Christmas Card by Canadian deviantartist Heather Bruton, with the caption, “Snow Buntings always say winter to me and after all I adore black and white animals. Mind you this is the breeding plumage which they don’t have during the holiday season! But I’m allowed a certain amount of artist leeway. I have no idea where these two friends are heading off to but some tree or package or even a cozy winter nest is going to have some nice ribbon.”  Her gallery is filled with beautiful animals, so check it out!


Here’s another adorable piece called Christmas Dragon!, and I think the exclamation point is apt, because if I caught my furkids pulling at lights like this, I’d yell too!  As South African professional artist Lynton Levengood captions, “Dragons like shiny things, so make sure you keep an eye on your Christmas tree!”  (In our house, we avoid this situation by not having a Christmas tree…)  I’ve shared Lynton’s artwork before, so check out his Comic Book Dragons and then the rest of his gallery for more.


Going back to the very traditional red and green colors, this next one is called Decembra the Christmas Dragon by American deviantartist Tara Potts, posting as DragonosX.  This is her 2007 design, but you can check out more Christmas designs in her dragon-filled gallery.


Here’s a Christmas Dragon by American deviantartist Rae Love, posting as DragonsFlameMagic, who notes that she was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Todd Lockwood.  One Rae’s fans pointed out that red dragons in D&D are really, really evil, and that makes this one decked out for Christmas even funnier!  It looks like she focuses on horses in her gallery, but they’re really well done, so go check them out.


Then here’s a really interesting one… this is called Xmas Tree Dragon, created as the last of a challenge of 100 drawings in 100 days done by Canadian artist Hayden, posting as DracoPhobos.  I also really liked his Monster Gift, which you can find in his eclectic gallery.


Another holiday tradition, here is CandyCane Dragon by American deviantartist Kelsey Lakowske, posting as zilowar.  She captions this, “Here is my holiday sugar spawn.  May you all be haunted by candycanes hereforth.”  Aww, how could this cutie be haunting?  I really like the design of this dragon, and you can find more dragons in her gallery.


And another holiday treat for you, here is Gingerbread Dragon created by Canadian professional artist Darren Calvert, posting as D-MAC.  I love the design of this one too, and some of Darren’s fans commented that he might have a frosting breath weapon — sounds delicious!  Check out his gallery for more.


And finally, I really loved the simplicity of this last dragon found on Cutiesaur Card #2 by Finnish deviantartist omenaapple.  I found the original design of her Cutiesaur on her lineart account omenaadopts, along with links to the versions her fans manipulated at her request, but I thought her own version was a perfect way to end.


Her card reads, in Finnish of course, “Peaceful Christmas,” and I think as my last post of 2017 on Christmas Day night, I’ll leave you with that.  But never fear — I’ll see you on New Year’s Day with more dragons!

Thank you as always for reading and following me this year, take care, and of course, stay creative!

Image credits:
Christmas Dragon by Juan Arrabal Hernandez, posting as Dragolisco 

Spirit of Christmas by Static-ghost  
Feeding the Dragon Christmas Card by Ismael Bergara, posting as Art-Calavera 
Christmas Card 08 by Heather Bruton, posting as Hbruton  
Christmas Dragon! by Lynton Levengood  
Decembra the Christmas Dragon by Tara Potts, posting as DragonosX  
Christmas Dragon by Rae Love, posting as DragonsFlameMagic 
100- Xmas Tree Dragon by DracoPhobos 
CandyCane Dragon by Kelsey Lakowske, posting as zilowar  
Gingerbread Dragon by Darren Calvert, posting as D-MAC 
Cutiesaur Card #2 by omenaapple 

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