August Birthstone Dragons II – Peridot – by Various Artists


The month’s not actually over until midnight, so I’m not late with your gift, my August-born readers!  Check out this series of Peridot dragons, starting with the 2017 Leo Dragon by American professional artist Christina Yen, posting as The-SixthLeafClover.  She writes:

Peridot gemstones, with lush color mixtures of verdurous greens, run down Zodiac Dragon Leo’s mane, giving a sense of passion and generosity.  Creative, popular, dominating.  Vibrant radiating qualities make Zodiac Dragon Leo a commanding boss. It’s popularity makes it one confident dragon in all situations.

I have Christina’s 2019 calendar hanging on my wall and I’ve featured her a few times before, so check out those posts, and also her deviantart galleryofficial website, Patreon and  Shop site to support her work!

08 - august - peridot -

From the International Gem Society:

Peridot is the modern birthstone for August. You can find this gem in colors ranging from yellow-green to brown. However, the light green or lime green variety has the strongest popular connection to August.

Traditionally, peridot symbolized strength and was used as a ward against nightmares, evil, and enchantments. The ancient Hawaiians believed these stones were the tears of the goddess Pele brought to the surface by volcanoes.

I really hope the lime-green font color I’m using as an accent isn’t too difficult to read — I’m trying to be authentic!  🙂  Next up is Peridot-August by American professional artist Marsha Beighley, posting as QuickSilverArtist.  This is the second of a completed series of birthstone dragons Marsha did, and you can see more of her artwork, including lots of horses, in her gallery.


Here’s a beautiful jewelry piece called Baby Dragon Evil Eye Green Gold Peridot by American professional artist (and LARPer!) LadyPirotessa of Blue Rose Creations.  She captions this, “There won’t be many of these due to how stiff and unwieldly that gold wire is, but wow does it have a beautiful turn out!”

You can find lots of other jewelry in black and silver (and even more gold) wire in her gallery, but the real artistry is in the creation of the unique center eye in each, which come in a myriad of styles and colors.  Also follow her on Facebook and pick up a piece of your own at her Zibbet shop.


And finally, here is an adorable August Birthstone Peridot Clay Dragon by American deviantartist Brooke Graham, posting as KaijuClayCreationsI love the triple horns and layered wings!

She has a fantastic gallery and an Etsy shop that is currently on hiatus while she preps for conventions, so if you’re nearby, go pick up a piece of her work in person at Celtic Gathering in McDade, TX on September 7th, and at Wizard World Con in Austin, TX, November 8-10.  Be sure to check out her amazing set of Hogwarts House Dragons too!


As I wrote about last post, it’s been a difficult month for me, but I was determined to get this post out while it was still August, so that’s one goal met, at least.

Thank you so much for your patience and for sticking with me, and go visit these artists’ pages through the links and find a gift for yourself or your own August-born special someone!  Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
+ 2017 Zodiac Dragons Calendar – Leo Dragon by Christina Yen, posting as The-SixthLeafClover
+ Peridot image from the International Gem Society article What is my Birthstone?
+ Peridot-August by Marsha Beighley, posting as QuickSilverArtist
+ Wire – Baby Drargon Evil Eye Green Gold Peridot 2 [sic] by LadyPirotessa
+ August Birthstone Peridot Clay Dragon by Brooke Graham, posting as KaijuClayCreations


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