January Birthstone Dragons II – Garnet – by Various Artists

red circuit dragon necklace by thebluekraken

Here we go again!  Glad tidings, January babies (and those looking for gift ideas for them!) — first up is this Red Circuit Dragon Necklace by American professional artist Amanda Rethman, posting as thebluekraken, made with a “red circuit board, hesonite garnets, artificial opal [the eye], a few laptop parts, sterling wire, and a silver hook clasp shaped like a dragon wing.”  I actually featured one of Amanda’s cool circuit board dragons once before, during AtoZ 2017 under D is for Dragonriders of Pern, so check that out, as well as her gallery and website for more amazing jewelry and art you can purchase!

01 - january - garnet - gemsociety.org

From the International Gem Society:

Garnet is January’s traditional and modern birthstone. Although garnets are a blend of mineral species with many commonalities, the deep red variety is most associated with January. However, garnets range in color from deep red and dark pink/purple to yellow, orange, and several shades of green. You might even find an incredibly rare blue garnet. Garnets popularly signify trust and friendship. Traditionally, this gem was believed to protect people during their travels.

Up next is an amazing Dragon/Fairy type fan-made Pokemon called Garnegon by Filipino deviantartist Christopher Jeorge T. Alejo, posting as ChrisJ-Alejo.  In the description, Chris writes, “Garnegon lives in giant caves where no one can disturb it. If in danger, it blasts beam of light energy at anyone who wants to harm it. … They are also called ‘The Monster Of Light.'”  Chris’s “Fakemon” is the final evolution of his Faeby and Dramage — check them out, the baby is adorable!  Follow him on Twitter or Facebook, and check out his gallery for more, including his new Eevee styles!


Then we have Garnet by German professional artist Ute, posting as Fabeltier.  She writes, “Little portrait of a deep red dragon. … Here I tried to work out the three-dimensional effect of the beast against a neutral black background.”  She also notes in her bio that “fabeltiere” is the German word for mythical creatures — that’s neat!  Check out her gallery for more fantasy art.


And finally, here is the adorable January’s Birthstone Dragon by American professional artist Nina Bolen, posting as The-GoblinQueenThis series started out as a Kickstarter that was funded eight times over, and Nina just started another one featuring “Dragon Enamel Pins Based Off Classic RPG D&D Charter Classes” like the Healer, Druid, and Mage!  (And no surprise, that one has already doubled its funding after only four days and is hitting stretch goals left and right!)  You can check out Nina’s gallery for more art, follow her on Facebook, see her website and shop page for details, and go to her Etsy shop to buy your very own dragons!


All right, the first of the new Birthstone Dragons for 2019 is in the books!  I’m continuing the series since I found so much great dragon artwork I just didn’t have room for last year.  I apologize for my tardiness, but I was down with the flu most of last week and I’m only just getting back on my feet, but I’m still following my schedule and hope to have the final Ren Fest post out by Saturday!

Which was your favorite red dragon above?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Want to see more January Birthstone Dragons?  Check out my longer entry from the original 2018 Birthstone Dragons series here.

Image credits:
+ Red Circuit Dragon Necklace by Amanda Rethman, posting as thebluekraken
+ Garnet image from the International Gem Society article What is my Birthstone? 

+ Garnegon by Christopher Jeorge T. Alejo, posting as ChrisJ-Alejo
+ Garnet by Fabeltier 
+ January’s Birthstone Dragon by Nina Bolen, posting as The-GoblinQueen 


One thought on “January Birthstone Dragons II – Garnet – by Various Artists

  1. I was born in January but I don’t really like the photo of my dragon. But KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!! I love your posts!


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