Rainbow Dragons by Various Artists for Pride 2019


Happy Pride Month everyone!  I told you I’d post some rainbows to celebrate, and I’ve got some beautiful pieces to show you this year!  Let’s get started with this Rainbow Dragon by American deviantartist Kassidy Watts, posting as emptyblackdeath.  Created for a contest by another of my favorite artists, she was challenged to draw a version of this dragon by Becca Golins of Dragons and Beasties in her own style, and I really love what Kassidy came up with!  Check out her gallery and Instagram, and see the first time I featured her back in March here.

Then we have Rainbow Dragon by Canadian deviantartist Megan Heartfield, posting as TheDragonsVoice.  She captions this one:  “A Light-tailed Prismhorn looks beyond the mists of a waterfall, catching the rays of light protruding through the receding storm clouds.”  So lovely!  Check out her gallery and Artstation page for more creature creations.


As one of the centerpieces of this year’s Pride post, I’m excited to showcase these Pride Slimanders by American professional artist Sabrina Mortensen, posting as ssleepy.  These were created for a raffle they hosted last June of their super cute Slimander amphibian species, below with their representative flags.  Check out their awesome gallery and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for more.

Bi (owned by faeby); Pan (owned by ChristyPaws); Trans (owned by 3Dkind); Ace (owned by Mystic–Seer); Gay/Rainbow (owned by Wolfmylove04); and Lesbean (sic) (owned by LifeInCart00nMotion).


Then we have this beautiful dragon called Untitled by Russian deviantartist Alice-Stardust-ArtThis eclectic rainbow pattern can be found across a lot of her work (and the Untitled title too), and I really like the detail of the starry universe under the wing.  Go check out her gallery and follow her on Instagram for more!

Untitled by Alice-Stardust-Art

Here is an impressive Eastern rainbow dragon called shine bright by deviantartist singelle*.  This lovely dragon is actually a redraw of an earlier version, so check out the comparison, and when you’re done with that, also see her truly heartwarming piece called james veitch is a god, where she writes “im not a rly big fan of pride stuff personally but hkjdfghk here have these dorks bein all gay and mooshy happy pride” — it’s honestly one of the coolest pieces of (non-dragon and 100% SFW) artwork I’ve seen in a very long time.  Oh, and check out her gallery and Instagram for more.


And finally, I realized after all these years I had yet to post one of the rainbow dragons from a longtime favorite of mine, so here is Rainbow Elemental by American professional artist Candice C. Sciortino, posting as Mythka (and owned by FluffyFatFudog).


Continuing the Dragon-a-Day series she started in October 2015, this Rainbow is from February 2016, and she has been posting ever since 2009 almost non-stop — her latest creation is another Pride-worthy piece called (Adventurer) Vampire Drag Queen from her new Heroes & Villains series, posted just today!  Make sure to check out her extensive gallery, follow her on Instagram and Twitch, and support her on Patreon for more!

Okay folks, time to go see if I can remember how to create a page where all my Pride dragon posts from over the years can be put together in once place — wish me luck, and look for that in the menu soon!

Meanwhile, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Pride month wherever you are in the world — thanks for reading, take care, and stay creative!

* … … … okay, so I usually just report what my artists post as their location, but I have to say, I have a few doubts that 19 year old singelle is from Antarctica… I’ll have to follow up with her in my notification, lol!

Image credits:
+ Rainbow Dragon by Kassidy Watts, posting as emptyblackdeath 

+ Rainbow Dragon by Megan Heartfield, posting as TheDragonsVoice 
+ Pride Slimanders Raffle! [Closed Winners Announced] by Sabrina Mortensen, posting as ssleepy 
+ Untitled by Alice-Stardust-Art 
+ Shine Bright by singelle 
+ Dragon-A-Day 040 – Rainbow by Candice C. Sciortino, posting as Mythka 

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