Rainbow Dragon Tattoo by Katy Lipscomb


More rainbow dragons for Pride Weekend!  I finally get to share some art by the really talented American professional artist Katy Lipscomb, posting as Lucky978.  This first one is called Rainbow Dragon Tattoo Commision (39) — I adore the design and colors, and I also love the moon — I would love to have this tattoo!

Here’s another great piece, called My Tie-Dye Dragon:


Then Katy drew another Rainbow Dragon Tattoo:


And then of course, I just have to share this last rainbow piece, called Rainbow Kitty Dragon:


Katy’s entire gallery is filled with art using her beautiful rainbow style, so I highly recommend you check it out!  She also has a great Storenvy site where you can purchase all sorts of things with her art, including prints, bookmarks, and keychains.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you’re enjoying all the rainbows!  Have a great Pride, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Rainbow Dragon Tattoo Commision (39) by Katy Lipscomb

My Tie-Dye Dragon by Katy Lipscomb
Rainbow Dragon Tattoo by Katy Lipscomb
Rainbow Kitty Dragon by Katy Lipscomb

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