Rainbowing Dragons by Il Fiore d’Oro


My search for rainbow dragons for my first annual Pride Weekend series has turned up some real gems, so today I am thrilled to show you these Rainbowing Dragons by professional Italian artist and crafter Il Fiore d’Oro, posting on deviantart as rosepeonie.  This first one is called Gilraen, Rainbowing dragon.

Il Fiore d’Oro sells these beautiful creations, as well as Silverwing and Goldwing dragons and many more types, at her Etsy and Storenvy stores, and posts images at deviantart as well as her Facebook page, Pintrest, and Instagram.  You can get more info at her sculpting commissions page as well.

She even has a raffle going on right now (June 17, 2016 – July 1, 2016) that you can enter for a chance to WIN one of these sculptures!  I’ll include more details on that at the bottom of this post.

Here is the next, called Asteria, Rainbowing dragon.  I love the contrast here of the black and gold, where the white and gold (like above) is more complementary (and just as pretty!).


And here is Celebrian, Rainbowing dragon.  It’s neat that she gives them each a unique name and pose!


And here is another called Summer, Rainbowing Dragon.  So cute, curled up and asleep like this!  And I love the little gems on each dragon.


Il Fiore d’Oro (which means The Golden Flower) even does illustrations of her dragons, like this one called Rainbowing in the garden.


For full details on how to enter to win one of Il Fiore d’Oro’s great dragon sculptures, see her Facebook post here, but the basics are that you can securly purchase one (or more!) raffle tickets for $3 EUR each (approximately $3 USD), from now until July 1, and then she will do a random drawing to award someone a dragon!  As of the time of this posting (about 1:30pm CST on 6/24/16), she has reached her minimum threshold to hold the raffle (15 tickets sold), and if she sells more than 40 tickets, she will draw two winners.  I’m going to enter for sure — let me know if you do in the comments!

Thanks for reading everyone, have a happy and safe Pride, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Gilraen, Rainbowing dragon by Il Fiore d’Oro

Asteria, Rainbowing dragon by Il Fiore d’Oro
Celebrian, Rainbowing dragon by Il Fiore d’Oro
Summer, Rainbowing Dragon by Il Fiore d’Oro
Rainbowing in the garden by Il Fiore d’Oro

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