Rainbow Dragons by Katy Lipscomb – Happy Pride Weekend!


It’s officially summer, and officially Pride Weekend here in the Twin Cities, so of course I have share the amazing artwork of American professional artist Katy Lipscomb, posting as Lucky978.  I last shared her for Pride 2016, so go see those, and today we’re starting off with one of her latest creations, this Rainbow Dragon, appropriately captioned “A rainbowy watercolory dragony dragon.” 🙂

It’s a short post week, so I’ll just share a few more amazing rainbow creatures (we’ll see how well I can keep it under ten, lol!) including this adorable Rainbow Kitty Dragon!  A fan asked in the comments if it’s breath weapon was fire or rainbows, and Katy replied, “maybe rainbow fire!”


Then for a really unique design, up next is Hummingbird Dragon, which Katy writes “was intended to have hummingbird coloring… I sort of adhered to that but I got a little crazy (as usual).”  Hey, I’ll take more rainbows any day!


And of course I couldn’t resist when I saw another one, so here is Black Rainbow Kitty.  These remind me of the Tressym familiar I had in a long-ago D&D game… I love how they look, but then I imagine the chaos my house would be if all five of my furkids had wings, and I’m happy just admiring Katy’s pretty kitties on the page!


So then we see a beautiful Tie-Dye Dragon Tattoo, that Katy writes was “A tattoo design concept for a friend.”  Seeing all these lovely rainbows, I really wish I were braver and could finally decide on a tattoo design to get for myself!


And look at this next cutie, one last Kitty Dragon with the most beautiful wings!  And this guy just looks totally up for trouble, so like I said above — it’s probably a very good thing my furkids have all four paws planted firmly on the ground!


And finally, here’s Katy’s lovely Tie Dye Dragon Revamp, captioned “Because I love drawing this guy so much!” I do like both designs, but the rainbow wings on this one really pop, so I thought he was perfect to end the post with.


You can purchase and support Katy’s artwork through her StoreEnvy or Society6 sites, follow her on Facebook, check her out on Tumblr or Instagram, and of course see more great colorful artwork in her gallery.

Happy Pride Weekend everybody!  Come back next week for the June Writing Thoughts post — I have some great news about my islands writing this month, and now you can find all of my previous Writing Thoughts on their own page from my new menu too!  Thanks as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!!

Image credits:
All artwork in this post is by Katy Lipscomb, posting as Lucky978.

Rainbow DragonDay 4- Rainbow Kitty Dragon132- Hummingbird Dragon183- Black Rainbow KittyTie-Dye Dragon Tattoo20- Kitty Dragon, and Tie Dye Dragon Revamp  

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