April Birthstone Dragons II – Diamond – by Various Artists


It’s finally April!  Where is this year going?  Thankfully our move went great, so it’s time wish Happy Birthday to my April-born readers and to show off some more amazing dragon artwork!  First check out Diamond by Italian deviantartist Anutwyll.  This bust was a commission for fellow deviantartist Chrissi.

I love Anutwyll’s caption, “… exactly the type of dragon head I like, long and narrow.”  I agree!  Of course I ADORE Toothless from HTTYD,* but I’ve always pictured the dragons from my own series looking a bit more like this one. 🙂  Find more of Anutwyll’s artwork in her gallery, including her lovely Asexual Pride Dragon.

04 - april - diamond - gemsociety.org

From the International Gem Society:

April boasts the well-known diamond as its traditional and modern birthstone. You can find diamonds … rang[ing] from clear to black and every color of the rainbow in between. Though colorless diamonds are the most popular jewelry choices, other colors, such as yellow, champagne, and brown are gaining ground. Often chosen for engagement and wedding rings, diamond has long symbolized love, marriage, and courage.

Up next is this Diamond by deviantartist Dae-Thalin.  Drawn in an hour with ballpoint pen and copic markers, they say this was “something random I started during a super interesting chemistry lesson.”  🙂  A few other artist fans then chimed in with how they got some of their best drawing done during boring school classes too, lol!  Check out more from their gallery or Artstation page.


Then we have this one that I just had to include.  This is The Silver Dragon by Indonesian professional artist Kartika Kusuma W, posting as fireytika.  She writes that this was “fur practice” of her OC named Draco in his original Ice Dragon form, who brings a “blizzard wherever he goes.”  Her excellent description continues:

His species is the rarest among dragons. Their shiny, silky hair made them become the most beautiful Dragon. Diamonds in their skulls is the reason why they almost extinct. Lives in the mountains where snow is eternal. Their species is the strongest ice dragon, known by their ability to cause blizzard.


You can find more of her beautiful work in her gallery, read her webcomic Frozen Heart which features Draco in this dragon form in the early chapters and more dragons in chapters 7-10, and follow her on Instagram.

I’m slightly worried that when I chose him as one of the features this week, I accidentally called in the blizzard that started today here in Minnesota and across the middle of the United States… oops!   ^_^;

And last but certainly not least, check out this amazing piece called Diamond by professional artist Saarl.  The detail work on this is crazy, especially all those translucent scales and the beautiful muzzle design.  It really looks like this dragon could be made of pure colorless diamond, don’t you think?  Check out more in her fantastic (and sometimes creepy!) gallery.


Okay, so that’s another birthstones post in the books!  Things are settling down enough now at our new apartment that I should be back to my original posting schedule:  a mini feature in the first and third weeks, a birthstone in the second week, and a longer Writing Thoughts or article in the last week of each month.

At least until October, when we get to do this all over again!  But this time, instead of moving just 11 miles (~18 km), we’ll be moving 1,500 miles (~2,400 km) across the country!  O_O  That’s the plan, anyway… of course I’ll keep you posted!

* So, speaking of Toothless… Sadly, I still haven’t seen How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World, in the theater.  I just don’t know if I can handle it!  I start bawling every time I watch the movie trailer, since I just KNOW what’s coming, and it’s going to be so traumatic!  Have you seen it yet?  Let me know (with NO SPOILERS!) what you thought in the comments!

Anyway, when I finally do see it, I’m sure I’ll post about it.  For now, I’m heading out into a storm that seems to have been a bit overblown, thank goodness!  So thank you as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
+ C – Diamond by Anutwyll
+ Diamond image from the International Gem Society article What is my Birthstone?
+ Diamond by Dae-Thalin
+ The Silver Dragon by Kartika Kusuma W, posting as fireytika
+ Diamond by Saarl 


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