Cat and Dragon by Ursula Vernon


Saturday didn’t go quite as planned, but my husband and I spent the morning building a new cat climber for our kitten’s 6th month birthday, which was frustratingly fun.  So with cats on the brain, here is Cat and Dragon by American deviantartist Ursula Vernon, which she describes in her caption:

My love of comicky stuff met my love of Art Nouveau-ish stuff, and I was thinking that I hadn’t painted a dragon in a long-ass time, and I had a vague notion of a Siamese dragon, and next thing you know, the pastel hit the fan. Arrghh! Pastel! Pastel! TOO MUCH PASTEL!

If you’re interested in watching our kittens playing on their new climber, here’s a four-minute video of them being cute.  They love trying to carry away the toy that’s attached to the climber!

You can check out more of Ursula’s gallery, including an interesting series of illustrated journal pages, at that link, but for now, here’s one last dragon by Ursula that I thought was very cute.  She created this design for the Scholastic Reading Club, and this is called My Favorite Teacher.

Thanks for reading all, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Cat and Dragon by Ursula Vernon
Youtube video of my kittens by me
My Favorite Teacher by Ursula Vernon

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