Of Cats and Dragons by Mieronna


It’s so nice to be home with our kittens after such a long and wonderful vacation!  So here is Of Cats and Dragons by German deviantartist Mieronna.  This was a commission for a fellow deviantartist back in 2006, and Mieronna says about it:

This is a tale about dragons and cats, which are, unlike dogs and cats, creatures that get along fairly well (after all, some dragons behave like overgrown and scaly cats) – unless the small matter of fish stands between them.

Mieronna has more dragons in her gallery, of course, including this next one called Dragon Pair, but you should also check out her lovely Outlander fan art, if you like that book series and tv show.


And finally, here are more dragons in Autumn Games:


That’s it for me tonight, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Of Cats and Dragons by Mieronna

Dragon Pair by Mieronna
Autumn Games by Mieronna

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