Travelling Dragon by CrayonBot


Hi everyone!  I’m actually writing this from about 39,000 feet above the earth right now, since I sprung for the on-plane wi-fi — neat, huh?  We’ve been travelling all day today, so I found this adorable Travelling Dragon by deviantartist CrayonBot and had to share him.  We’ve had an amazing vacation, but I’m so ready to be back home with my kittens now!

This was CrayonBot’s second travelling dragon, actually, so here is their original Dragon at the Airport:


CrayonBot has done a few more dragons too, but I’m just going to share one more Dragon because I thought it was super cute.


Writing on an airplane is cool, but it’s late and I think we’ll be descending soon, so you can also check out CrayonBot’s gallery while I grab a quick nap!

Thanks for reading everyone, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Travelling Dragon by CrayonBot
Dragon at the Airport by CrayonBot
Dragon by CrayonBot

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