Sand Dragon by Helium-Sedai


It was our last full day on the beach, so I had to share this awesome Sand Dragon by U.K. deviantartist Helium-Sedai tonight.  I have my own hoard of seashells gathered from this trip, so I can understand why this dragon is guarding hers so well!

Helium has a few other dragons as well as sand and snow sculptures in her gallery, but since we’re off to see what downtown St. Petersburg has to offer us on this Friday night, I’ll keep this short!  Here is Iskierka, in what the artist says is her “baby” form, which I agree is so cute!


And then here is the piece that won me over, after I looked at a few different sand dragon sculptures tonight.  Since this whole trip started with a fan convention, how could I pass up this crossover called Smauglock?


I’ve loved this vacation so much and I’m sorry to be leaving the beach tomorrow, but to be honest, I’m looking forward to being home with my kittens and getting back to real life now.  I admit I didn’t do a shred of writing, but come on — who can focus on “work” when the beach is so inviting!

Thanks as always for reading, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Sand Dragon by Helium-Sedai
Iskierka by Helium-Sedai
Smauglock by Helium-Sedai

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