Dragon Spotting by Philippe Feremans


Vacationing on the beach is amazing, but sadly I don’t think we’ll see anything like this!  This is Dragon Spotting by Belgian deviantartist Philippe Feremans, posting as Netarliargus, Dragon Fanatic Extraordinaire.  Writing as if these dragons were in our world, Philippe says:

The Bronze dragons are probably the most social species of dragon, and often swim and play together in groups. Bronze dragons claim coastlines, inlets, and islands as their own, constructing lairs in coastal caves that have access to the sea such as on the Hawaiian islands. The new favorite past time of the rich and famous is to hop on a luxury liner and tour the waters around the coast to spot these dragons. Much like whale spotting…only a bit more extreme. The intensely curious Bronze Dragons often seek new experiences, and much like dolphins they love to swim and play around passing ships.

I was happy to find an artist who’d done so many dragons hanging out in the tropics, because it’s perfect for this vacation post!  Here is another one from Philippe, called Summer Days:


Of all the dragons, Bronze Dragons are perhaps the most sociable. They often go out of their way to help sea-goers stuck in a storm or rescue humans from dangerous waters. With the summer on it’s way, the mated pair Emenoth and Kalasonthar look forward to enjoy some time on the sunny beaches. They often act as lifeguards and they’ve become quite popular with the local kids.

And finally, here’s an awesome image of dragons playing in the ocean called Playmates, which I myself am hopefully doing right now (although without the whales, of course)!


The mated pair of Bronze Dragons Emenoth and Kalasonthar enjoy swimming almost as much as they do flying. They are especially fond of playing among the waves with their friends, in this case a pod of great whales.

I hoped you enjoyed these as much as I did!  As it turns out, Philippe is also an author and you can read his stories on deviantart as well.  The first is The Twin Fire saga, which “evolves around two Dragons, Tholaxxius the Red and Li Jeng, the Gold. Set in the present world, both must face their destiny for good or for evil…”  You can jump to Chapter One at that link.

That story is finished, and he’s also started on the sequel, called The Silver Throne.  I think I’ve just found some airport reading!  Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Dragon Spotting by Philippe Feremans
Summer Days by Philippe Feremans
Playmates by Philippe Feremans

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