Whispers from a Council Past by Philippe Feremans


Here is an interesting group of dragons in one image — a brass, a silver, and a red — called Whispers From A Council Past by the Belgian deviantartist Philippe Feremans, posting as Netarliargus.

This marks the second appearance for Philippe on my blog (see one of my vacation posts from this summer called Dragon Spotting), but when this showed up in my search for a “political dragon,” in honor of the third and final U.S. Presidential Debate tonight, I couldn’t resist.  As Philippe captioned this image:

Draconic politics, the only kind of politics that isn’t boring. The Brass, Silver and Red Dragon Kings are discussing the fate of their race a scene that takes place in a story I’m writing [called The Twin Fires].

Well, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw that this was posted back in 2011.  Since Philippe is Belgian, I have no idea if he’s following our current U.S. politics — but I’d say it’s far from boring right now!

Which leads me to my next pick from Philippe’s amazing gallery — this one is called Raid on Marrakech, and is another scene from The Twin Fires:


I’m trying not to get too political here, but I just have to say, a lot of people are saying* that a giant red dragon might come and burn the country to the ground if the “tangerine babadook” is elected, although thankfully that looks less and less likely with each passing day.  I can only hope he further tanks his chances in tonight’s debate, which I won’t be able to watch live, but I will certainly be recording on my DVR to watch when we get home.  (And if it isn’t obvious, yes, I’m With Her.)

And now that I think of it, we probably wouldn’t even need a dragon to bring about our destruction if that thin-skinned misogynistic asshat gets his hand on The Button.*

But, I’d hate to leave you on such a downer note, so here is one more dragon from Philippe called Dawn Flight that looks happy and hopeful:


Gold dragons have wings similar to the brass dragons I love so much, although I’ve never really liked the catfish-style faces of the golds myself.

But anyway, now I have to get back to work on my NerdCon: Stories 2016 round-up and writing thoughts post for tomorrow.  I have to say, writing this post today went more smoothly than I think any post has for me lately, and I’m happy to grab the muse by the tail and ride along until other commitments barge in.  (Although, we’re seeing Cabaret at the Orpheum Theater tonight, and I’m really excited for that too!)

So as always, thank you for reading, take care, and stay creative!

* The Washington Post published two interesting articles related to these topics — the first is ‘A lot of people are saying . . . ’: How Trump spreads conspiracies and innuendoes (6/13/16) and the second is Nervous about nukes again? Here’s what you need to know about The Button. (There is no button.) (8/3/16), if you were looking for further reading. 🙂

Image credits:
Whispers From A Council Past by Philippe Feremans
Raid on Marrakech by Philippe Feremans
Dawn Flight by Philippe Feremans

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