Azure by Katarzyna Marcinkowska


I have a couple of amazing dragons to share tonight, starting with this first one called Azure by Polish deviantartist Katarzyna Marcinkowska, posting as grzanka.  I love the color contrast between the dragon and the dark clouds, and of course, I can’t pass up a dragon named Azure, since that’s the name of a main character in my novel!

Next up is another by Katarzyna called Feathered Mist.  This is her drawing of a friends’ character by that name, with beautifully patterned, eagle-like feathered wings, and perching on a nicely detailed column capital.


And finally, this one is simply called Dragon, a ferocious beast with a head and frill that almost reminds me of a dinosaur, and great coloring and scale patterns.


I’m still catching up but I hope you’re enjoying all the dragon art!  Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Azure by Katarzyna Marcinkowska
Feathered Mist by Katarzyna Marcinkowska
Dragon by Katarzyna Marcinkowska

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