Faery Dragon Climbing a Shelf by Kellie Bender


Isn’t this guy cute?  This is called Faery dragon climbing on a shelf by American deviantartist Kellie Bender, posting as Abydell.  Kellie posted this image back in 2005, and says “This is the first pic I ever finished! I’m so proud of it. I covered the entire paper, not like the little doodle things I usually do.”

I think it’s adorable, and it actually reminds me a little of the sketches I did back in high school.  I was never any good at drawing — I was more the writer in a group of artist friends — but it made me wonder if I should post them at some point, for posterity if nothing else.  There is a dragon in there, after all.

But that will be another time.  Now, here is another by Kellie simply called Dragon:


Kellie notes that originally, “… he was going to be run through with a spear, bleeding out and dying on the rock, but I decided against it. People love dragons, I don’t think they want to see them hurt….so now he’s basking in the sun and yawning.”

Maybe there’s a bit of symbolism in this choice today… I’ve been feeling really down lately, but you know, maybe I’m just basking in the sung for a minute, too.

And finally, here is a pair of images, called Scaley Dragon (version one on the left, and version two on the right).

There are only subtle differences, but Kellie posted the original and then, based on constructive feedback and comments she received, posted version two.  I think they’re both pretty interesting, but I’d be curious on which you prefer!

Thanks for reading, take care and stay creative everyone!

Image credits:
Faery dragon climbing on a shelf by Kellie Bender
Dragon by Kellie Bender
Scaley Dragon by Kellie Bender
Scaley Dragon Version 2.0 by Kellie Bender

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