Memorial Day Dragon by Christina Whitton


It’s Memorial Day here in the U.S., so I found this cute and holiday-appropriate Memorial Day Dragon by American artist Christina Whitton, posting on deviantart as LittleCLUUs.  Christina has an Etsy shop where she sells “Dragons, Critters, Dice and Sparklies!!!”

I’m not a very patriotic person myself, but I like that this little dragon was created with a “glitter filled blue body and red and white spikes to represent our flag, and a salute to all the troops past, present, and future.”

I’m going to enjoy my day off at a fun-filled barbecue with friends, and I hope wherever you are, you’re having a good Monday.  Take care, and stay creative!

Image credit:
Memorial Day Dragon by Christina Whitton

Edit:  So, that’s what I get for trusting without verifying — I thought I had this scheduled to post on Memorial Day at 12:30pm, but I just logged in this Tuesday morning to see it never posted!  I’m not counting this as a “missed” day, since I had it ready to go, but I do wish this had posted at the correct time and will need to be more vigilant in the future!  *grumble*

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