Dancing by Remarin


The writing thoughts post went a little off the rails on Thursday , so instead I’ll try to post that Friday night and for now, here is Dancing by Luxembourgian (yes I had to look that up) deviantartist Felicia, posting as Remarin now, and previously as drawing wolf.  I love the frantic energy of this piece!  Apparently, the artist was listening to the Snow Patrol song Called Out In The Dark while painting this.

This next one is the first by Felicia that caught my eye, called Burnout!  I think it would make a great phone wallpaper!


This artist has created images in many different styles, and here is another one that was a Sketch Request.  As another commenter mentioned, I love the dynamic pose of the dragon — you can almost see it racing through the air.


And finally (because I’m a little late, but also because this was an interesting sketch), here is a Doodle that Felicia posted.  With as much dragon art as I’ve seen over the last year, I think dragons with long, straight legs standing like this are kinda rare among artists — it looks almost deer-like, and it really intrigues me.


All right, no one mind my cheating please, I hope you enjoyed the dragons by Felicia, you can check out the rest of her gallery for more, and thanks for reading! Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Dancing by Remarin
Burnout!  by Remarin
Sketch request.8 by Remarin
doodle-2 by Remarin

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