All The Gods by Dygee


Whoo boy… lots of catching up to do after a busy weekend!  But I have some really great art to share, so let’s get to it.  This first is called All the Gods by Canadian deviantartist Dygee, previously posting as dragonphase.  These elemental dragons were created for a friend of the artist, and their names from left to right are Terra, Ignis, Aeries and Oceano.  The elements play a part in my novel too, so I just had to share them!

This next one is just a cutie pie, called Vector the Dragon. Dygee says it was a first attempt at a transparent image, and I think it’s lovely.


And finally, here is a great rendering of one of the Brush Gods from the video game Okami, originally for Playstation 2 but later released on the Wii and PS3, with a follow-up on the N3DS.  This is the dragon called Yomigami – The Restoration:


Dygee did the entire series of the Okami Brush Gods, and here is the final compiled work, which was too amazing not to share!


Be sure to go check out Dygee’s great gallery for more images.  You can also check out her tumblr called PaperBeasts, and also her Etsy shop called TwinOwls, where she sells “Original handmade jewellery, prints, oddities and more!”

Thanks for reading, take care and stay creative — I know I’ll be creatively busy trying to catch up on all of these missing posts!  Wish me luck!

Image credits:
All the Gods by Dygee
Vector the Dragon by Dygee
Yomigami – The Restoration by Dygee
Okami Brush Gods by Dygee

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