Birthday Dragon by Katie Shanahan, in honor of my wonderful husband


Catch up, catch up!  That might be what this adorable dragon is thinking as he whizzes off to the “very lovely birthday party” his artist says he’s attending.  This is Daily Doodle Birthday Dragon by Canadian professional artist Katie Shanahan, posting as ktshy.  Today, October 22, is my wonderful husband’s birthday, and I loved Katie’s additional caption:

NOTE: If today happens to be YOUR birthday then consider this my birthday card to you!

Isn’t that nice of her.  I could not keep this blog even anywhere near the rails, let along only careening off them every once in a while as I have been lately, without the love and support of this man I have now been married to for seven years.  Here’s to many more, sweetie!

Katie hasn’t done very many more dragons, but she has co-created some great web comics, and there are dozens of entries for my favorite one called Simply Potterific “about Harry Potter, his friends, and mishaps.”  Here’s an example called Tragically Sirius, but you can find all of them in order at that first link.


Katie also co-created the Shrub Monkeys comics which “stars [Katie] and [her] siblings (and whoever else tickles our fancy) and showcases random situations or thoughts nabbed from our everyday lives.”  They compiled these comics into a printed book you can check out as well.

You can see more at Katie’s gallery, check out her official tumblr website, read more of her webcomics over at Silly Kingdom, or even follow her on Twitter if you like.

I think that’s it for this post, thanks for reading, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Daily Doodle Birthday Dragon by Katie Shanahan
Simply Potterific 09 by Katie Shanahan

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